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Chloe Rousseau Bio

Chloe Rousseau

Occupation: Financial Consultant

Chloe Rousseau is a maven of financial consulting with a passion for planning and a love for all things organic. She is native to the Los Angeles area, having grown up thirty minutes outside of the city. Her family owned a small antique shop, where she spent the afternoons throughout high school working alongside her older sister taking inventory and running the store's cash register.

Chloe spent her college years in Northern California earning a Bachelor's in Accounting and a Masters in Financial Services. She is convinced her family's small business is what influenced her education and career choices. After working at a large firm for five years, Chloe decided she wanted to switch gears and work independently advising families and individuals with their finances.

Living just a block from the beach Chloe begins her days with a mile long walk along the oceans shoreline and ends them de-stressing herself at hot yoga classes three days a week. She has a strong and open love affair with sushi and makes a point to indulge herself with a hand roll or two each week. She has recently agreed to contribute to as a financial consultant, where she hopes to enlighten her readers and help them realize finances, money, math, and accounting aren't as scary as they may initially appear.