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ATV Dirt Racing Address Labels

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What's Included Item Description
Quantity 18 Labels Per 9'' X 6'' Sheet
144 Labels 8 Sheets
288 Labels 16 Sheets
576 Labels 32 Sheets
1,152 Labels 64 Sheets
Number of Lines of Text 3
Maximum # of Characters 28 Per Line
Label Size 1 5/8" X 1 1/4"


You will get off to a flying start with these ATV Dirt Racing Address Labels that depict that hair-raising sport perfectly. It might be dirty but it certainly looks like a challenge as you see these racers soaring through the air on their four wheeled vehicles. This sport is definitely not for sissies and demands a lot of skill and daring that is well represented in these four excellent images. You will get lots of attention when using these ATV Dirt Racing Address Labels although it probably wont make very many people want to try their hand at it it looks a little scary!

Save time with these self-adhesive address labels. These are great for identifying everything from books, video tapes, envelopes, and much much more. We are pleased to also offer matching checks to go with your address labels.

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