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Tax Forms

Introducing Tax Forms from Carousel Checks - COMING SOON

Tax Forms are coming soon to Carousel Checks! Use our tax forms to complete your return in an organized manner. Once the new 2019 Tax Law is finalized by Congress, you can choose from 1099 and other employer federal tax forms. Use our tax envelopes to safely mail in your tax returns.


1096 Transmittal B Tax Forms

The 1096 Form is a compilation/summary return, which shows the totals from information returns and must be submitted to the IRS along with these returns, such as the 1099 MISC form.


1099 MISC Federal Copy A Tax Forms

Tax Form 1099-MISC is commonly used among self-employed professionals to report profits from services performed for other organizations. If you are a sole-proprietor and were paid more than $600 for services during a given tax year, the business you worked for is required to send Tax Form 1099-MISC. Copy A appears in red and is provided to the IRS.


1099 MISC Recipient Copy B Tax Forms

Additionally, you must file a Form 1099-MISC for each person from whom you have withheld any federal income tax under the backup withholding rules regardless of the amount of the payment. Employers are required to issue and essentially mail out all of your Copy B of Forms 1099 to the recipient by January 31 of the following year. Mail payment information to the recipient for submission with their federal tax return.


Tax Envelopes

Mailing out tax forms should be safe and convenient for your employees. These envelopes are designed to fit specific types of federal tax forms.