Pressure Seal Checks

Recommended Storage and Usage Conditions

Please avoid extremes in temperature and humidity (RH). Product should be stored and used at room temperature, between 55°F and 84°F (target 70°F-73°F). Optimal RH is between 45% and 55%, if possible

If there is a temperature variance between storage and processing environments, it is recommended that the product be moved to the processing environment and acclimated 1 hour for each degree of temperature variance.

Example: Storage location: 85°F Print location: 68°F. This is a 17 degree difference, such a difference requires the product to be moved to the using environment 17 hours before use.

Excessive dust, from any source, will negatively affect the sealing properties of the form. Avoid opening the shrink wrapped or polybagged forms until just prior to use . Make sure that output printers and folders/sealers are kept as clean as possible to avoid contamination.

Fuser oil/silicon from printers will negatively affect sealing properties just after print. It is recommended to wait 45 minutes to 1 hour before folding/sealing to allow the oil to dissipate. It will also allow the paper and cohesive to recover moisture loss during the print. This could take longer in a low RH environment (39% or lower).

It is recommended for shrink wrapped product to be used completely or rewrapped if there is some leftover. After opening, product should be kept in the processing environment until fully used and stored in a location with proper RH and limited light exposure.

Avoid exposing the product to direct light for extended periods of time as this may cause accelerated oxidation of the sealing agent and reduce its effectiveness.

It is HIGHLY recommended to fan through or jog all of the product to help maximize efficiency as it runs through equipment.

It is suggested that products be ordered in quantities to enable processing (folding/sealing) within 6 months from the manufacture. Proper storage conditions could extended the life of the document.