Best Place to Order Checks For Your Banking Needs

Throughout history, people have always looked for convenient ways to make fair exchanges of goods and services. As currency became more complex, new formats of exchanging funds arose, giving rise to the use of checks. You may wonder:

  • Does it cost money to order checks today?
  • Are checks still a good way to transfer funds?
  • How do you use checks?

Find out the answer to these questions. Then discover other pointers you should know about the best place to order checks.

Does it Cost Money to Order Checks?

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You usually have to pay to order checks. With the cost of paper, ink, printing, and shipping, ordering checks have a modest fee.

Some banks might offer complimentary checks for new customers or have specials. However, additional checkbooks usually come at a cost.

While ordering from your bank offers some convenience, that is not usually the best spot to find the cheapest bank checks. Like any other product, you can find even better deals if you shop around. You can find the cheapest printed checks from other check printers.

How Do You Know Where to Buy Cheap Checks?

Searching online provides all sorts of options for where to buy cheap checks. Still, does it cost money to order checks online? Yes, there will be a small expense. Is it safe to order checks online? Absolutely! You have secure options from trustworthy check-ordering companies.

However, the top-listed sites may simply be for a local ad for a company without the options you want. Some companies may not offer legitimate or secure checks.

A site like Carousel Checks is an A+ Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau and website verification. On the site, you can find the cheapest checks online. This detail is crucial since you are entrusting your vital banking information to them.

A check printing company should have many years in business and solid testimonials. Thousands of reviews on independent sites like TrustPilot can verify that a check seller is legitimate.

Who Has the Cheapest Printed Personal and Business Checks?

As you search, you can’t find a better deal than a company like Carousel Checks, one of the cheapest places to order checks. Does it cost money to order checks from Carousel Checks? Not much! Customers can find value-priced checks for the best value.

Are Checks Still in Use?

Far from suffering a demise, checks maintain popularity among a variety of folks. One study finds that more millennials use checks than mobile payment options. The report even mentions that more millennials use checks than own the top video game consoles!

The Federal Reserve also shows that people use billions of checks for payment each year. Reports show that checks accounted for 7% of transactions recently. Consumers often used checks for values above $100.

Many businesses still rely on the comfort, convenience, and reliability of paper checks. While organizations may adopt some automated options, they often find it impossible or impractical to forego checks altogether.

What Is a Check?

Checks are a negotiable financial instrument that authorizes an institution to transfer a specified sum of money to the recipient who cashes or deposits the document. Paper checks require the payor to fill in four elements: the name of the payee, the date of the transaction, the amount for transfer, and a signature.

So, does it cost money to order checks often? Carousel Checks allows you to receive discounts when you order multiple items.

Checks most commonly pull funds from checking accounts. However, other accounts, such as savings and even credit card accounts, can use checks.

Who Uses Checks?

Anyone who needs to make a secure payment, usually of a large amount, can benefit by using a check. Businesses rely on checks more than individuals and households. Large organizations often need to do so to move large sums of money securely. The numbers show that 81% of businesses pay other firms using paper checks.

Industries that value serving a vast population also use checks. For example, the health insurance space still relies heavily on paper checks and manual invoices.

What Is the Background of Using Checks?

No one has a clear answer on when the first checks came into existence, as consumers know them today. Did it cost money to order checks? At some point in history, someone decided to charge for the convenience of using such documentation to move funds.

About 200 years after the appearance of bills of exchange, Europeans began using checks in the early 1400s. Businesspeople appreciated the convenience, and checks became popular for local transactions where funds could easily transfer between account holders at the same bank.

The Bank of England began the practice of issuing preprinted checks in the early 1700s. By the end of that century, Americans were using checks.

Computers and automation took a significant leap in progress during World War II. These technological advances promoted machines that could automate the entire checking process, from printing to sorting and clearing.

Today, a person can receive a check and receive funds faster than ever. Machines print checks and checks in the mail quickly, and apps allow you to snap a picture of the document for a deposit from the comfort of your home.

What Are the Parts of a Check?

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Checks have various sections to allow the accurate transfer of capital. Does it cost money to order checks for personal use? You can easily get cheap checks online with all of the following features:

The Payor’s Information

The top left corner typically has the personal information of the payor who writes the check. At a minimum, this section will contain the name of the account holder. The full address and telephone number are also often here, though some individuals may opt not to include them.

The Check Number

The top right corner will have the check number. When a person or entity purchases a checkbook, the checks will each have a number. This mainly helps the payor keep track of checks when balancing accounts.

Check printing companies or banks often use at least three digits for the check number. A person’s very first check for an account is typically the number 101 or 1001. Does it cost money to order checks with this information? It won’t cost any more than your other checks if you buy checks from a reasonable location.


Just below the check number and slightly to the left will be a line to enter the date. Payors can enter the day they write the check, but some may postdate a check so that the payee cannot receive the money until a specific time. Payors often do this to ensure that sufficient funds are in the account.

However, transactions for goods and services from many businesses do not allow a person to postdate a check. Payment is usually due at the time of service or receipt of goods, so most companies expect to be able to access funds that day.

Payee Line

A line sits below the date and personal information where the payor prints the name of the payee. The phrase Pay to the order of should precede this line. The payor must ensure to write the correct official name of the recipient to avoid any issues with payment.

Does it cost money to order checks with this detail? This feature is common and will be on any checks you order online from a reputable printer.

Amount in Digits

To the right of the name of the payee lies a dollar sign beside a box. Inside the box, the payor enters the exact value of the transaction in digits, for example, 284.86.

Amount in Words

Below the name of the recipient will be a line to enter the amount again. This time, the total is in written words for the dollars and a fraction for the cents portion. If the payment is for $284.86, the payor would write, Two hundred eighty-six dollars and 86/100.

Some variations and technical mistakes in formatting are permissible as long as the amount is clear to the merchant or payee. For example, a person may forget to include a hyphen in a number and write eighty-six. A person might add a hyphen where it is not necessary, such as two-hundred. The check is still valid in such instances.

Payors should be aware that when the words and numbers differ, the amount in words is the official payment and what a bank will use.

Padlock Icon, Memo Line, & Signature Line

Does it cost money to order checks that meet industry security standards? Common security features are always in cheap personal checks from Carousel Checks.

To the right of the amount in words and below the amount in numbers must be a padlock icon that shows the Check Payment Systems Association vetted the check as legitimate. Below the line with the amount in words will be the name of the payor’s bank and possibly a tiny logo.

Below that spot is the memo line, where the payor can write an unofficial note for recordkeeping purposes. The memo does nothing to change the value or payment date of the check.

To the right of the memo section is a line where the payor must sign the check. Without a signature, a financial institution cannot cash the draft.

Routing, Account, & Check Numbers

The final essential elements of a check sit at the very bottom. Below the memo line is a routing number. This set of digits identifies the bank of the payor. Only federal or state chartered financial institutions can have this number that the American Bankers Association uses to identify legitimate banks and credit unions.

Does it cost money to order checks with routing and account numbers? Carousel Checks has inexpensive personal checks with all these necessary features.

Next comes the account number of the payor, which is the specific checking account number the banking institution assigns the account holder. Finally, the check number will appear again after the account number using the same specialized E13B font. This font allows computers to read the digits quickly and accurately.

What Are the Duplicates for in Your Checkbook?

Many checkbooks have a system for recordkeeping right inside, making checks a great way to balance your funds as you spend. This feature is one of the advantages of single and duplicate checks instead of credit or debit cards.

People spend more when they swipe and don’t think about purchases. If you’re trying to stick to a budget and monitor your spending, checkbooks are one of the best ways to do so. Checks slow you down and help you consider your purchases and record your spending in real time. You also don’t need online access to accounting software to know where you stand with your finances.

Behind each check is a thin piece of paper that creates a carbon copy of the check above it. Does it cost money to order checks with duplicates? You can buy checkbooks for a reasonable price online from a provider like Carousel Checks.

You should keep your checkbook inside a cover that protects it. The cover usually also has a plastic flap on the back. You can pull the flap out and put it under the check and its carbon copy. This prevents the pressure of your pen from making notes on the carbon copies below.

Now you have a copy of your check to compare against your bank statement. A check register on the back cover of your checkbook lets you enter withdrawals or deposits to balance your accounts.

Does It Matter How You Fill Out a Check?

Remember to always fill out checks with a pen using blue or black ink. Computers read and input the information on checks. Another color, such as red, green, or purple, typically does not show up in the scanning and may display a check as blank to the software.

Never use a pencil to fill out a check. A payee, bank, or anyone in between can change the information. Most banks have a policy not to accept checks written in pencil.

How Do You Correct a Mistake on a Check?

Does it cost money to order checks to replace voided checks? You can keep your check replacement costs down by ordering from the best company for ordering checks, Carousel Checks.

If you make an error while drafting a check, the ideal option is to destroy that check and fill out a new one. You can thus ensure that no one will take the check, alter it, and try to cash it.

Write VOID in large letters across the incorrect check. Then tear the check into pieces and destroy it completely. This prevents someone from gaining access to your account information and personal details on the check.

You may still want to use the check if the mistake is minor. You can strike through the incorrect word and write the correct one after it. Then you should put your initials in the vicinity of the correction to show that you made the adjustment, not someone else.

What Are the Different Types of Checks?

Checks are versatile and serve different purposes for all sorts of accounts. Does it cost money to order checks of different varieties? While you have to pay for different types of checks, ordering various types in bulk can provide discounts from Carousel Checks.

Personal Checks

personal checks - Carousel Checks

Personal checks are the standard checks you use to make payments from a personal checking account at your bank, credit union, or other financial institution. Personal checks are unsecured instruments, meaning no one guarantees that money is in the account. A personal check can bounce if there are insufficient funds. A bounced check often incurs fees from the issuing bank to the payor.

Business Checks

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Business checks work the same as personal checks, except the account holder is a business. Businesses account for the majority of check use.

Certified Checks

Certified checks take funds from the account of the payor. This type of draft confirms the amount of money in an account for the payee. People often use these for larger expenses.

Does it cost money to order checks like these? It often costs you more per check to use a cashier’s check, so you are better off finding cheap personal checks online.

Cashier’s Checks

Cashier’s checks are secured prepaid checks that a payor purchases for one-time use, typically for significant purchases. These checks pull from the funds of the institution to complete the transaction.

A teller or other representative of the bank will sign the cashier’s check. The funds are typically available immediately, and a payor does not have to share personal account information with the payee.

Starter Checks

Banks may issue starter checks for new account holders. These checks allow a person some access to an account while waiting for checks to arrive.

Because these checks have very little information, many businesses do not accept them. Buying a set of permanent checks quickly after creating an account keeps you from facing an embarrassing rejection of a starter check.

Payroll Checks

payroll checks - Carousel Checks

Payroll checks are every employee’s favorite type of check. Companies often pay employees with paychecks. These checks typically include deductions for federal, state, and local taxes.

Does it cost money to order checks for payroll? Yes, but businesses can keep expenses down with check-ordering services.

What Are the Advantages of Using Personal Checks?

You can customize your checks and insert your favorite backgrounds. Various designs are available, such as beach scenes, adorable animals, sports teams, and inspirational figures.

You can also support your favorite causes. For example, you can have checks with the symbol of your favorite charity. Unique designs display your personality and can be a great conversation starter with a local clerk or when you’re out on a date.

How Long Is a Check Good For?

Dated and endorsed checks are good for six months, according to the Uniform Commercial Code. After that, a bank does not have to cash or deposit it. Some businesses will void checks after a lesser period, such as 90 days or even 30 days. A blank check is good to use as long as its account is still open.

What Are the Features of Business Checks?

Business checks often have additional features for security. Does it cost money to order checks with security features? You can order checks with security features online cheaply and save money.

Hologram Security Options

hologram checks - Carousel Checks

Hologram checks have special markers to stop fraud in its tracks. The face of the check holds a hologram of thin foil layers. Counterfeiters cannot copy the 3D reflective image on the paper.

Holograms are now typical on paper money in the U.S., Britain, Canada, Japan, and Brazil. Check companies use laser printing to create these images for additional security features on your business checks.

Pressure Seal Checks

pressure seal checks - Carousel Checks

Pressure seal checks provide peak security for mailing business checks. A company can reduce the time to process a check, boost productivity, and save money. These items are one-page checks that seal using a unique adhesive that activates with sufficient pressure from the pressure sealer machine.

The advantage of this type of check is it keeps the information confidential. A person or program inputs the necessary information, which goes into the check and remains unseen to everyone except the individual who opens the document.

Does it cost money to order checks with a pressure seal? Yes, and you can find a good deal if you search the options at Carousel Checks.

Pressure seal checks are popular with businesses that send out paychecks. Insurance firms and medical companies that follow strict confidentiality guidelines prefer pressure-sealed checks.

These products often come in either a C-fold or Z-fold pattern. Companies may use a standard 8.5-inch-by-11-inch size or one with a larger 14-inch length.

Additional Recordkeeping Stubs

Business checks often have stubs that allow you to record the transaction right next to the draft instead of flipping to another page in a ledger. An accounting department can easily keep a running tally as checks go out and deposits come in.

Stubs might be in different locations: Top stub checks put the stub above the perforations of a check. End stub checks typically have the recordkeeping stubs to the left. Payroll, multi-purpose, disbursement, and desk set checks have end stubs but come in pages of three to fit in a binder to track accounts.

Businesses can personalize their checks with a logo or monogram that promotes their brand or other causes.

What Are Common Check Accessories?

Accessories can add more style to your checks or supply additional bookkeeping features. Does it cost money to order checks with accessories? Carousel Checks has the best cheap checks and check accessories, such as the following items:

Deposit Slips

deposit slips - Carousel Checks

Bank deposit slips have similar information to checks. They are for depositing cash or checks into an account. The slip will have the name of the depositor and the account number. The depositor must include the deposit amount and sum up the total of cash and checks.

Your bank or credit union may have loose slips available at its branches. However, keeping deposits in a dedicated book helps you track funds. The slip serves as a receipt for funds entering your account. Having all deposits together can clear up discrepancies when balancing the checkbook.

Stamps & Labels

ink stamps - Carousel Checks

Individuals and organizations that regularly write and mail checks should consider purchasing ink stamps to label envelopes. Labels are another way to add style and legibility to your correspondence.

Address embossers give a distinguished appearance to people who want a prestigious look. Documents leave a lasting impression with an embossed address, designer, or monogram. Of course, notaries need notary embossers to certify documents.

Envelopes, Covers, & Educational Kits

envelopes - Carousel Checks

Does it cost money to order your checks with covers and envelopes? Cheap personal checks from Carousel Checks also come with great deals on accessories like gift envelopes and checkbook covers.

Gift envelopes are a nice touch when sending someone a present. Designer checkbook covers come in chic leather material. Zippered covers offer additional protection for checks and deposit slips. Vinyl covers provide a simple and durable option at a great price.

Covers can have all sorts of fun designs, even custom images from your own photo collection. Binders can hold pages of checks with receipts for companies that need to write and record checks regularly.

A check education kit is great for young people who are learning how to budget. These kits work well for schools teaching economics and parents who homeschool.

What Should You Do if You Lose or Accidentally Ruin Your Checkbook?

Always report a missing checkbook. Your financial institution can freeze your account so no one uses the checks and steals your identity. Continue to search for your checkbook for a reasonable amount of time. Possibly your significant other is using it, or you just misplaced it.

Check your latest statements for suspicious activity. If odd transactions appear, you may gain a clue as to who took your checks.

Does it cost money to order checks to replace the ones you lost? Yes, but you can save on replacement costs by reviewing the inexpensive options at Carousel Checks.

If you don’t want to put a freeze on your account, you can ask your financial institution to put a freeze on each individual check. You can see from your statement the number of your most recent check and stop any checks after that.

If you cannot locate the checkbook and have legitimate fears about someone accessing your information, you might determine that it’s best to close your old account and start a new one. You’ll need to order new checks, so try to find the best price for checks to save money.

If you simply ruined your checkbook, maybe dropping it in a puddle, you can void the remaining checks and get cheap checks online to replace them. Consider getting a nice cover that can protect your new checkbook from future harm.

Why Does it Cost Money to Order Checks?

Checks are a vital part of doing business and paying for items. In addition to cash and credit, these written drafts are an essential part of any account.

The cost of checks doesn’t have to be a painful part of your personal or business expense. Does it cost money to order checks? Yes, but you can find attractive and low-cost checks from Carousel Checks. Visit our site to find suitable personal and business checks that fulfill all your banking needs.