9 Types of Check Covers | Which One Is Right for You?

The check cover may not be the most important thing on your mind when you apply for a personal or business checkbook. However, check covers or a checkbook cover has its own purpose.

For one, it provides an identity for your checkbook. When there are multiple checkbooks on a table, you will immediately recognize yours based on the personal checkbook covers you see.

For business checkbook covers, you can get a cover that best represents your business. Better yet, you can order checkbook covers that you designed. A customized checkbook cover can have your brand name and logo in front so people can easily recognize your company.

Where to Buy Checkbook Covers

Banks and some of the biggest supermarket chains sell checks and checkbook covers. Some companies specialize in manufacturing them. You can easily find one when you type “checkbook covers near me”.

Among the most popular checkbook brands is Carousel Checks. The Balance, a personal finance news site, describes us as a company that provides the best value checks for clients. Carousel Checks creates checkbook covers—affordable and flashy or cute and designer. Our brand has dozens of designs. You can even submit your own for your checkbook.

Types of Checkbook Covers

There are many types of checkbook covers. Each type can have a few or several designs that fit your personality or your brand’s theme. Below we cover these types in more detail:

1. Business Covers and Binders 

business covers and binders - Carousel Checks

Most business checks are the three-on-a-page kind because of their convenience. They are larger, which is why they have binders as covers. They are the perfect checkbook cover for desk checks, which need to be organized. Most desk checks also have stubs to record the check issuance, and they can be properly stored in a binder.

Carousel business covers and binders come in the following designs:

  • Black 7-ring binder
  • Black desk set binder
  • Burgundy 7-ring binder
  • Blue 7-ring binder
  • Burgundy
  • Blue desk set binder
  • Executive deskbook cover
  • Frosted business check divider
  • Frosted desk set check divider
  • Secretary deskbook cover

2. Designer Leather Checkbook Covers 

designer leather covers - Carousel Checks

There are hundreds of designs under the designer leather cover so you’ll surely find something that fits your needs and personality.

You may even find something that suits the personality of someone you know, making this type of check cover a great gifting idea. For example, if you plan on giving people fancy checkbook covers, the following are some fantastic designs:

  • Elephant prints
  • Garden fairies
  • Swirls
  • Fleur-de-lis
  • Serenity
  • Wine Country

For animal lovers, there are also dozens of designs, including the following:

  • American eagle
  • Baby animals
  • Big-horned buck
  • Cute kittens
  • Cute puppies
  • Dolphins
  • Frogs
  • Horses
  • O so chocolate labs
  • Yorkies

Whether you’re looking for a cute checkbook cover for yourself or other people, the choices are endless. They aren’t just decorative checkbook covers but are also functional. To give you an idea, here are some of the beautiful designs you can get:

  • Beach scenes
  • Colorful cupcakes
  • Floral elegance
  • Stylish skulls
  • Vines

Sometimes, you want to get affordable checkbook covers that hold a lot of meaning for people. If so, check out the following:

  • American reflections
  • Black is beautiful
  • Hope - pink ribbons
  • Pink ribbon
  • Pink support ribbon
  • Support our troops

There are so many to choose from that it’s unlikely you’ll come across someone with the same cover as you. Furthermore, there are also inexpensive checkbook covers that have monogrammed letters on them. It’s like a customized affordable checkbook cover without paying premium prices for customization.

3. Custom Photo Cover 

custom photo covers - Carousel Checks

How about a checkbook cover with your face or a photo you took on it? To enjoy a truly personalized photo cover, just submit the photo you want printed on your checkbook case or cover. If it’s a personal checkbook, the cover can be whatever you want, even a selfie if you prefer. For business checks, the checkbook holder could be the brand’s name and logo. It’s a great way to brand your checkbook!

4. Zippered Covers 

zippered covers - Carousel Checks

Zippered covers are like wallets that carry checkbooks instead of money. There are at least 32 designs to choose from. Some zippered checkbook covers have basic colors while others have eye-catching designs.

So, what are the features of a zippered cover? The product can carry a checkbook, which is the most important function. But it also has compartments for your money, credit and debit cards as well as IDs. There is a zipper to secure everything inside. There is also a smaller zippered pocket for storing coins and other small items.

What are the designs available for leather check register covers? For those who prefer discount checkbook covers, there is a black, blue, and burgundy cover. But those who prefer check or checkbook covers with design, consider the following beautiful styles:

  • Argyle new black and white
  • Breast cancer
  • Butterflies
  • Dots
  • Feathered friends
  • God’s blessings
  • Scenic scriptures

Who sells checkbook covers with the designs mentioned above? They are exclusive to Carousel Checks.

5. Leather Covers 

leather covers - Carousel Checks

Leather covers are more formal. Though they look basic, they’re highly functional. If you want to check on leather checkbook covers near me, you’ll probably come across Carousel Checks, one of the best manufacturers of checkbook covers and registers, including leather covers.

They have close to 30 leather covers that are folded into two or three sections. What’s great about leather current checkbook covers is the protection they provide. First, the product is a great writing shield when you issue a check. The top of the fold can be utilized as a cover.

Moreover, the checkbook cover for sale has slots for credit and debit cards, a pen holder, and a window slot. There are many colors available: black, royal blue, brown, burgundy, dark brown, hot pink, lime green, red, violet, and yellow, among others. There are also smooth leather covers and textured variations, including covers that are reptilian in design and texture.

6. Side-Tear Checkbook Covers 

side tear checkbook covers - Carousel Checks

The leather checkbook cover is more appropriate for top-tear checks while the side-tear business or personal check holder is made specifically for checks that are bound on the side.

Similar to the other types, the check register cover also doubles as a shield when issuing a check. It comes with four slots for credit and debit cards, a pen holder, and a window slot. The product is available in black, black vinyl, blue vinyl, brown, burgundy, and navy.

7. Pocket Check Covers 

pocket check covers - Carousel Checks

This type of product is a checkbook cover and register holder. It stores your checkbook, particularly the side-tear check, and a duplicate flap for duplicate checks. There is also storage for transaction registers.

There are three types of pocket check covers:

  • Black business vinyl pocket checkbook cover.
  • Blue business vinyl pocket checkbook cover.
  • Economy business leather checkbook cover.

8. Vinyl Covers 

vinyl covers - Carousel Checks

What is a check vinyl cover? It may not win the cute checkbook covers award, but this type of checkbook and register cover is highly functional. It can safely store your check — mostly the top-tear checkbook and transaction registers — with its different compartments.

This design comes in the following colors: black, beige, burgundy, clear, gray, lavender, lemon yellow, light brown, purple, red, sunburst, white, and shades of green and blue.

9. End-Stub Covers 

end stub covers - Carousel Checks

When looking for checkbook register covers for business checks, it’s wise to find something that also provides storage for the end stub, just like this checkbook cover.

Despite the name, this type of checkbook cover can store an actual checkbook in addition to your end stubs.

The checkbook and register covers under this design are secured with a silver snap button to ensure the checks and stubs stay in place. It is an elongated cover with a pouch where you can slide the check inside. It can then fold in half for easy storage in your bag or purse.

Other Checkbook Accessories

Carousel Checks also offers vinyl debit card covers. Unlike the checkbook covers in stores that you’ll find, the card cover is much smaller, perfect for storing your credit and debit cards. You can also slip in important transaction receipts and registers that you need to hold onto.

You can get these vinyl debit card covers in three color variations: black, blue, and hot pink.

Carousel Checks | For High-Quality Customized Checkbook Covers

Checkbook covers and accessories can protect your checks and make your financial transactions more secure. For one, the cover, whether made of leather or vinyl, will protect the check from getting wet and unnecessary tears. You can also use the flap while writing a check to give you more privacy.

The fact that they have gorgeous checkbook covers is just a bonus. Some checkbook covers also have extra features like storage for transaction registers and stubs. Others have slots for credit and debit cards. Some have spaces for money and coins.

So, where to buy checkbook covers? You can always order one, several, and even in bulk, at Carousel Checks. Contact us or call 708-613-2452!