Teacher Stamps & Grading Stamps

Shop Teacher Stamps For A Convenient Way To Grade

A teacher stamp or grading stamp creates a convenient way for teachers to grade papers. At Carousel Checks, we offer a variety of self-inking stamps for teachers to help make your grading process more efficient. For additional info on our stamps, learn more below!

Types of Teacher Stamps Available

Teacher stamps come in many color options and can be purchased with text or image designs. Grading stamps can are primarily used to provide graded feedback on the content. Choose everything from an A+ grading stamp to an F stamp or even Smiley or Frowny faces for more emotional feedback.

Benefits of Using a Teacher Stamp

There are many benefits of using a teacher stamp for grading papers. Using a stamp provides a quick and easy way to grade papers, and they can be reused for thousands of impressions. Teacher stamps also provide a visual aid for students (like great job or needs work), which can help them understand the feedback they are receiving.

What You Will Receive When You Purchase Our Stamps

When you purchase one of our pre-inked teaching stamps you will receive the following:

  • IDEAL 4922 self-inking stamp housing.
  • Protective Cap
  • Stamp Ink that will last for thousands of uses.
*Replacement ink pads are sold separately

Shop Teacher Stamps From Carousel Checks Today!

Thank you for reading! Teaching stamps are a great way to grade papers quickly and easily. They provide a visual aid for students, and the rubber stamps themselves can last for thousands of uses. Be sure to check out our selection of stamps today!