Company Ink


Company Overview

Unlike other direct-to-customer check printers, Carousel Checks possesses the departments, equipment and skilled employees to produce practically anything needed in-house.

Company Structure

Customer Service

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a successful business and keeping customers happy is to have a reliable customer service staff on board. Carousel Checks has a group of friendly, trained individuals that assist customers on a daily basis with any questions or problems they encounter while using our website or dealing with orders themselves.

Information/Technology (I.T.)

Behind the scenes, Carousel Checks features a team of web developers that maintain the many websites and pages the company has under its umbrella. They are also responsible for actualizing new technologies and methods in which both customers and Carousel's own staff can complete tasks with more ease.

Graphic/Web Design

A department of graphic and web designers is essential for establishing Carousel Checks' brand identity and presenting a web experience that is simple to navigate and browse through. This unit is also responsible for designing new products that customers can purchase on the website.

Printing & Shipping Departments

Carousel Checks includes a large staff of individuals who are in charge of producing, preparing and shipping out any and all items ordered online.

Machine Shop

An aspect of Carousel Checks that sets it apart from the competition is the inclusion of a computer numerical control (CNC) shop on-site, which gives the company maximum flexibility and limitless options regarding what can be produced for customers.