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Majestic Yellow Lab Personal Checks

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Enjoy our Majestic Yellow Lab Personal Checks featuring golden hued Labs playing and resting. Yellow Labs run the gamut of colors from golden to creamy colors. Endal, a Yellow Lab, is often described as 'the most decorated dog in the world.' Endal was a service dog for Allen Parton, a disabled ex-Royal Naval Officer. When knocked out of his wheelchair by a passing car, Edal placed him in the recovery position, fetched a blanket and covered him, barked at nearby homes for assistance and then ran to a local hotel for help. Endal knew over 100 commands by voice and by signing. The intelligence and ingenuity of Labradors are amazing.

We offer these checks at low prices, not just the first time you order like most other companies. We want you as a customer for life, not just for a promotional order or two.

We also are pleased to offer matching Address Labels with these Checks.

We do not charge you more when you reorder your checks from Carousel Checks.

What's Included?

  • 5 pads per box
  • 25 checks per pad
  • 125 checks per box
  • 20 Deposit Ticket
  • 1 Transaction Register
  • 5 pads per box
  • 20 checks per pad
  • 100 checks per box
  • 20 Deposit Ticket
  • 1 Transaction Register

Delivery Options

Delivery Method Delivery Time Features
Overnight 4-5 business days Trackable, secure
2 Day 5-6 business days Trackable, secure
Ground 6-9 business days Trackable, secure
Basic 6-10 business days Delivery confirmation
Bulk Mail 12-21 business days Not trackable, not secure
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